Moong Dhall & Cabbage Combo Kootu

Its very healthier and high protein dish and it also serves as best food for growing babies.

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Shabana Yasmin's Secret Indian Recipe !

Preparation Time: 
10 minutes
Cooking Time: 
5 minutes


Moong dhall – 1 small cup
Cabbage- 1cup (chopped)
Onion-1 big (chopped)
Tomato-1 (medium) chopped
Curry leaves- 20
Mustard- 1 spoon
Oil- 3 spoons
Ghee- 1 spoon
Salt- 1 spoon
Turmeric powder- ¼ spoon
Chilli powder-3/4 spoon
1.Heat the pressure cooker and put oil and you can add mustard seeds when the oil gets heated.
2. Now you can add onion, tomato, curry leaves and saute it well by adding salt with it.
3. Now you can add the chopped cabbage and sauté well.
4. Add turmeric ,chilli powder and saute it well. Add some salt.
5. Wash the moongh dhall and add to the mixture and stir well.
6. Now saute the items for 2 minutes and add ¼ small glass of water and close the lid of the cooker.
7. Now get the first whistle in higher flame and keep the stove in lower flame. Get one more whistle and off the stove.
You can also prepare this dish using pan instead of pressure cooker.Just 3 minutes is enough for cooking this recipe in pressure cooker.