Motichoor Ladoo (popular Festive Sweet Prepared With Chickpea Flour)

Motichoor ladoo tops every Indian's preferred list of sweets. The taste of these succulent sinful tiny pearls is heavenly. The trick to making perfect motichoor ladu pearls is using motichoor ladoo jhara, you can get it in any store that sells utensils in India. This is basically a round flat spoon with many tiny holes which allows the batter to seep through and form tiny pearls. So let's get started!

Picture of: Motichoor Ladoo
Picture of: Motichoor Ladoo
Coarse Besan : 3 cups
Water for batter: 1 &1/2 cup or as needed
Saffron strands: 4
Sugar: 2 Cups
Water for syrup: 1/4 cup or just enough to wet sugar
Ghee (clarified butter): 1 litre (for deep frying)
Orange colour (Optional): 2 drops
Melon Seeds: 2 tbsp
Mix water and coarse besan keep mixing till no lumps remain. (You may add one or two drops of orange colour if needed)
The consistency should be a little more watery than the pancake batter or pakoda batter
If the batter is too watery it won't form pearls. To check the batter, dip a spoon in the batter and when lifted the batter should fall smoothly but very slowly and not rapidly
Keep batter aside. Heat ghee for deep frying
On the side heat sugar and water in a deep bowl add the saffron strands. Let it boil. The sugar syrup should be of one string consistency
When the ghee is hot, check by dropping a drop of batter in ghee, if the batter floats up immediately, the ghee is ready for frying
Hold the motichoor jhara on top of the ghee pan with one hand and pour a ladle of batter on the jhara with the other hand
You may ask someone to help you with the pouring if you find the jhara heavy
When the batter is poured on the jhara, spread it with the back of the spoon and start moving the jhara up and down very swiftly to make the batter seep through the holes one by one
You may also rapidly tap your wrist in which you are holding the jhara to create that friction which will help batter fall slowly into the ghee
When the pearls falls though completely, stir the boondis in ghee once and remove them on absorbent paper ( to get rid of excess ghee place the absorbent paper in a strainer)
While the boondis are warm pour sugar syrup one ladle at a time and add the melon seeds
Pour syrup only as much required to bind the boondi. If you pour more syrup the ladoos will not hold shape
Grease your palms with oil and make small round balls of the boondi mixture
Place the boondis in a flat dish and refrigerate them for 15 mins to hold shape
Enjoy homemade motichoor ladoos :)