Mutta Dosa(egg Dosa)

My husband loves the combination of dosa and egg omelette. So I tried a recipe combining ingredients from two of these recipes to make one simple dish. I got great appreciation from my husband for this yummy combo recipe. Try it and I am sure you will want to prepare it every day for its taste and healthy values.

Mutta dosa(Egg dosa)
Dosa battar-2 cups
Eggs - 4 nos.
Onion, chopped-1 medium sized.
Green chilli, chopped - 2 nos.
Salt –as you need.
Oil-2 tablespoons.
First mix the dosa battar with salt and keep it aside.
Then beat the eggs along with onion, salt and green chilli.
Place a dosa tawa on a stove and switch on the stove.
Pour and spread a little oil into the hot tawa.
Pour a ladle full of dosa battar into the tawa and spread it round and out to make a plain dosa.
Then pour the beaten egg over the dosa.
Cook it covered for 2 minutes.
Pour a little oil above it.
Turn it to the other side and cook it for a minute.
Tasty egg dosa is ready to serve.
You can spread a little pepper powder to add its taste.
You can use a non-stick-pan if you don't have a dosa tawa.