Mutton Liver Balls - Ancient, Forgotten Village Recipe Of Kurnool

Friends.. today let me introduce you all a unique, authentic, traditional, very ancient village recipe from our native place Kurnool called "MUTTON LIVER BALLS". This recipe is almost forgotten in this generation. This super spicy, hot and tastiest is been cooked in our home since my grandmother time. I have learned this awesome recipe from her. These Mutton Liver Balls are prepared using Mutton Liver and a small piece of mutton. Usually this is called as "Liver Oorimindi" in our village.

This is a complete method of village cooking, we use charcoal barbecue for cooking the mutton liver and use mortar pestle for grinding the cooked mutton and liver pieces.

Let us move to the recipe now.... First we have to skew these liver pieces and mutton piece and cook on charcoal grill. We can even cook on open fire of gas stove. When the pieces gets cooked completely, add them to mortar and grind them well using the pestle. Later add the whole spices and grind all the ingredients again till they get soft. Now take a small amount of the mixture and make small balls. Now the super spicy, hot, tastiest "Mutton Liver Balls" are ready to taste.

What are you waiting for friends... Watch the preparation now, try it, prepare it and enjoy it...! Kindly love and remember our traditional recipes...! Happy cooking...!!!

100 grams Mutton Liver
1 piece of Mutton
2 Cloves
1/2 inch Cinnamon Stick
2 Garlic cloves
1/2 tsp Red Chilli Powder
Salt to taste
Take cleaned mutton and liver pieces. Skew the liver pieces and mutton piece and keep on charcoal barbecue.
Cook them well on charcoal grill. It takes about 15 min. to get completed cooked.
Take out the pieces and add them to a mortar. Take the pestle and keep grinding well.
When half ground, add cloves, cinnamon, garlic cloves, red chilli powder and salt. Grind the mixture again till it gets soft.
Now take a small amount of the mixture and make into small balls.
Now, the super spicy, hot, tastiest "MUTTON LIVER BALLS" are ready to taste. Enjoy the taste of ancient, forgotten recipe of Kurnool. You all will love it.