Nariyal Peda ( Cocont Ladoo)

I Learnt this Recipe from My Grandmother. She Makes Nariyal Peda on Every Festival. his is Made by Condenced Milk and Grated Coconut. We can add any Dryfruit to add Taste.

Crushed Dry Nariyal (Coconut) - 2 Cups
Condenced Milk/ Milkmaid- 1 tin
Crushed Walnut/ Almonds- 1 Cup
Pista- 10-12
Ghee/ Butter- 2 T spoon
Choti Elaichi Powder- 1 T spoon
Heat Ghee/ Butter in Pan.
Add Condenced Milk and Coconut in the pan. Keep aside 1 T spoon Coconut for rolling.
Cook it on Low flame for 5 min, the mixture will leave the sides of pan.
Add Elaichi Powder and Dry fruits, mix well and switch off the Flame.
Cool and roll into small Peda/ Ladoo with Buttered Hands, Roll into Coconut
Garnish With Pista, Ready to Serve
Very Easy Recipe for Festivals. Happy Cooking