Non Dairy Creamer Caramel Pudding

I am currently on a diet and at the same crave for something dessert. one day i thought let me make a recipe using non dairy creamer. First I thought I will make gulab jamuns but it did not come out well then I made this pudding.It was really yummy!! pluz low in calories

Non Dairy Coffee Creamer - 4 tbsp
egg - 1
sugar -1 tsp
condensed milk - 2 tbsp (optional)
sugar - 1tbsp
water- a dash
first make caramel by mix sugar and a dash of water and keep in microwave for 10 secs or until browned. take out the ramekin and keep aside. secondly to a bowl mix non dairy coffee creamer ,egg,sugar and condensed milk( optional) and some water to make all together 1 cup. beat well so that no lumps are formed. pour the batter to the ramekins slowly. dont mix after that. then take the ramekin and slowly keep inside the microwave and cook for 3 -5 mins. immediately take out the ramekin and leave it to cool and then keep inside the refrigerator to set. You can even keep inside the freezer to make the setting fast and have it once its cold.You guys are gonna love this sweet dish!! Please do try this and tell me..:)
if you want a hard type of pudding you bake it for 5 minutes else only bake for 3 minutes.