Pal Payasam (kheer)

The fragrance of a lovely pal payasam will lift your spirits in any festivity in Kerala. A must have dish for any temple celebration, Onam, Vishu and more. The original recipe is made in a luxurious time frame of 3 - 4 hours of boiling the milk over and over to get the right colour and flavour. The only variation I've made to this preparation is the time taken.

A large pressure cooker and a pre - readiness of materials makes sure that you make this lovely dish in an hour.

A friend of my mother-in-law excels at making this dish and this is her recipe handed over.

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Sindu Aven's Secret Indian Recipe !

Preparation Time: 
10 minutes
Cooking Time: 
1 hour

Very Easy

Red Raw Rice - 2 fistfuls
Milk - 2 litres
Sugar - 2 tea cups
Cardamom - 8
Saffron - 3-4 threads
Cashew - one fistful (halved)
Raisin - one fistful
Ghee - 2-3 tablespoons
Ready the biggest pressure cooker you have. A 5 ltr one will do. If you have a 10 ltr one, it would be better.
Wash the rice thoroughly. Add half a cup of water and half a litre of milk and put to pressure cook on a low flame. Check after 15 minutes.
The rice needs to be well cooked.
Add the remaining 1.5 ltrs of milk and continue to cook for 40 minutes on a low flame. Add the saffron at this stage.
All the while during the 40 minutes, keep stirring to avoid anything sticking to the base and to stop the milk from boiling over. By the end of 40 minutes, you will have a nice pink tone to the payasam.
Add sugar and finely powdered cardamom powder and continue to boil for another five minutes. After this, leave the payasam to cool. Keep stirring so that there is little chance of a layer forming on top.
In a pan, heat 2 tablespoons of ghee and fry the cashews till they are golden brown. Keep aside. Now add the raisins to the ghee and take the pan off the flame the minute the raisins swell up.
Transfer the pal payasam into a serving bowl and garnish with cashews and raisins.
Chilling the pal payasam works very well.