Postpartum Ladoos

This dessert is prepared for the ladies who have just given birth. It helps in keeping the body warm, flushing out the placental residue out of the body as well as protects the LO and lady from common cough, cold and fever.

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Rohini Jha's Secret Indian Recipe !
Preparation Time: 
4 hrs
Cooking Time: 
3 hrs


2 kg Chickpea Flour (Coarse)
1 kg Clarified Butter
1 1/2 kg Jaggery (Grated)
500 gm. Walnut
500 gm. Almond
100 gm. Tragacanth Gum
100 gm. Dry Ginger Powder
50 gm. Sage
50 gm. Lotus Seed Pops
125 gm. Turmeric
1. Roast the chickpea flour in clarified butter and keep it aside. 2. Roast Tragacanth gum, lotus seed pops and sage separately and grind them. 3. Grind walnut and almond. 4. Dry roast ginger powder and turmeric. 5. Now since we have all the ingredients in powder form, mix them well. 6. Melt the butter. 7. Now mix all the ingredients together very nicely, make the sphere shape balls (ladoo).
One can eat 2 Ladoos max in a day with warm milk.