It's a very basic puff Puri recipe but wanted to still write it as some people have issues with puffed puris and round ones!

Atta 2cups
Water to knead the Atta 1 + cup
Oil to deep fry and
2 tsp of ghee for shortening
Take atta and in it mix your ghee.Mixing it well ensuring that you are areating the mixture well more air mean more fluffy puris Add water and slowly mix the atta. The dough should be soft but very little watered. Cover and keep the dough befor e rolling out In deep frying pan add atleast 2-3 inches oil and let it heat for 10 minutes on Medium heat Drop a tester ball of atta and if it rises up in seconds your oil is heated up and ready to work in Roll out small puris making sure it's thicker than Rotis. This is a step which depends on experience. In order to estimate how much thickness is the best for your puris make three four tester puris all of different thickness, the one that puffs up the most should give you an idea how to roll the rest.