Rice Malai Peda

This rice malai peda is.one of my favorite recipe.It is very delicious & easy to make, this is one of my mom's great dish..i love to share.

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Gajapriya's Secret Indian Recipe !

Preparation Time: 
10 mins
Cooking Time: 
30 to 40mins


Raw rice flour-1 cup
Panner grated-1 cup(i used homemade panner)
Milk-1 liter
Condensed milk-200gm
Saffron-a pinch
Milk powder-2 tbsp
Cashew powder-11/2 tbsp
Raisins-25 no.
Cardamom powder-1 tsp
Vanilla essence-few drops
Sugar-100 gm
Coconut grated-1 cup
First slightly roast the raw rice flour in a low flame& take it in a bowl, add grated panner& milk powder into it.
Add hot milk little by little into it for making smooth & soft dough but it should not be too loose or too hard& keep it aside.
In a mean while add ghee in a pan then add coconut + cashew + raisins + dates +100gm sugar mix it well.cool this few mins then make a small balls from the mixture for filling which we used to keep inside the dough.
Take small ball sized dough flatten with ur hands, take some gooseberry size coconut mixture & keep inside that dough & close it to make a round ball.
Continue this same way in whole dough.soak saffron in some warm milk for 5mins.In the meanwhile boil the milk in a large heavy bottom pan, once its boiled add condensed milk & saffron milk to it mix it well .
Keep the flame medium low after adding condensed milk.Add rice balls slowly one by one but be careful without breaking.first it ll settle down once we put then automatically raise once the rice balls cooked.
Boil for few mins& once balls are cooked switch it off.Add vanilla essence & cardamom powder.garnish with some cashews & serve hot/cold.
If u want to add dry fruit& nuts can add in filling its our choice. After added condensed milk & rice balls keep the flame in low don't allow to burn.