Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana and peanut powder mixed together and tempered with Green chillies and Cumin seeds.

photo of sabudana khichdi
Sago (sabudana)2 cups
Peanuts 1/4 cup
Cumin seeds 1 teaspoon
Green chillies 4-5
Salt to taste
Lime juice 1 teaspoon
Ghee 3 tablespoons
Fresh coriander leaves,chopped
Sugar 2 tablespoons
Wash sabudana 2-3 times and then soak in ¼ cup water for 3-4 hours.
Sabudana grains should be separate and moist.
Roast peanuts on a hot griddle and then grind coarsely. Mix it with the soaked sabudana.
Heat ghee in a pan, add cumin seeds, cook to crackle and then add chopped green chillies. Cook for a moment.
Add shabudana, cook for 4-5 minutes, stirring well.
Add salt, Sugar and lime juice. Mix well.
Sprinkle chopped coriander leaves serve hot.