Salad With A Twist

This is a simple salad but it is the secret to swift weight loss if eaten with a will to realize the objective to lose weight. Flavour, though having been built to sate the taste buds, is secondary to the nutritional values of the ingredients considering that fats and carbs are to be avoided to put the body into a calorie burning mode.

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Siddhiraj Singh...'s Secret Indian Recipe !

Preparation Time: 
7 mins
Cooking Time: 
2 mins

Very Easy

Green Salad Lettuce 75 gms, button mushrooms 75 gms, cottage cheese 75 gms, salt and pepper to taste, chipotle sauce, sweet honey sauce
Use a weighing scale to weight the ingredients to make life easier. Chop the lettuce into thin strips and keep aside. Chop the button mushrooms and sauté in half tsp of canola oil or any other healthy variant. Cut the cottage chees into small pieces. Fry lightly along with the mushrooms if desired else set aside for mixing. Deposit all the ingredients into a large bowl and add sal, pepper, chipotle sauce and sweet honey sauce. Toss and mix well. Sit back and enjoy one portion of a healthy salad!
Calorie count- 244 kcals. Non vegetarians can add equivalent amounts of chicken or any other meat and replace the cottage cheese.