Special Brinjal Masala Curry . Egg Plant Curry .

Special baingan masala curry with spices that makes it flavorful and exotic. If you try this dish, I bet that you won’t even feel that you are eating Baingan. It tastes so different and good that you will like to eat it time and again. The dish also qualifies to be on the menu of home parties. You can definitely impress your guests with tall, dark and handsome brinjals . This eggplant curry is very easy to prepare and tastes delicious. Even those who do not like brinjals will love this curry. This is my Mothers recipe i am preparing it. I have mixed all spices in baingan & for Gravy i used chopped tomatoes & onion with garlic paste which is gives thick curry texture to whole recipe. See to it that all the brinjals are of even size, so that it gets cooked evenly.  I recommend to watch my video for the simple & unique taste baingan sabzi method.