Steamed Malai Momos (steam Savoury Cream Momos)

This time with a secret Ingredient…..yes I added some Capsicum to match the taste. Momos are hit in Kolkata and slowly people are preferring them over the well known ‘Chicken and mutton rolls’ . The reason being, it is Tasty, Healthy and yes ‘ Cheap’. Some outlets like ‘ WOW Momos” are offering varities in Momos like Tandoori momos and Manchurian momos. I have added Malai to keep it Indian but you can add cheese instead if your kids do not like Malai.

photo of steamed malai momos (steam savoury cream momos)
photo of steamed malai momos (steam savoury cream momos)
photo of steamed malai momos (steam savoury cream momos)
Maida (All Purpose flour) – 2 cups
Oil – 4 tablespoons
Malai (Milk Cream) – ½ cup( Preferebly home made)
Capsicum – ½ chopped in small pieces
Onion – ½ chopped in small pieces
Green chilies – 1-2 chopped finely
Salt to taste
Combine Maida and 2 tablespoon oil in a mixing bowl. Add salt to taste.
Add lukewarm water little by little and mix. Knead the mixture into a soft dough. Wrap it with a muslin cloth and keep it aside for 10 mintues.
In a bowl mix Malai, chopped Capisicum, Onions, Green chilies and salt to taste.
Make equal sized balls from the maida dough and roll them into small puries or rounds.
Keep 2-3 tablespoons of mixture on each puri and then fold the sides to make squares or triangles. Brush some oil over these Malai Momos. This will give them a smooth and glossy texture after they are cooked and it will also make them easier to take out.
Heat water in a steamer or Idly maker. Grease the plate with some oil. Place each Malai momo carefully on the plate.
Steam for 15 – 20 mintues.
Serve hot with Red Chilli and garlic momo chutney.