Sugar Nokkal /sakkarai Nokkal

Sakkarai Nokkal is nothing but sugar coated sev which is served in south indian weddings.

photo of sugar nokkal /sakkarai nokkal
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Menaga's Secret Indian Recipe !

Preparation Time: 
10 mins
Cooking Time: 
20 mins

Very Easy

Besan -1 cup
Rice flour -1/8 cup
Salt - a pinch
Cooking Soda - a pinch
Butter - 2 tsp (Softened)
Oil - For Fry
Sugar - 1 1/2 cups
Water - 1/4 cup
Milk -1 /8 cup
Take a bowl besan,rice flour,butter,salt and cooking soda.Mix well.Add Required water to make soft and pliable dough.
Heat oil in a kadai,take a sev press or Murukku maker with thenkuzhal achu .Fill the dough and press in hot oil in circular motion.Dont make it overcrowd.
Fry in medium flame ,cook until it turns golden brown
In a broad vessel add the sugar and water.once it starts to boil add the milk.Boil it a min.Strained it remove the impurities.Then again boil the syrup until you reach 2 string consistency.
If you swipe the syrup check between your thumb and forefinger there will be 2 string will form OR in a small bowl of water pour the syrup,it will not dissolve and you can move and gather it.
Switch off the flame,add the sev and mix well until the syrup coated well.
Cooled down completely before you stored it in a airtight container.
Dont miss the syrup consistency else you wont get sugar soated sev.
Adding milk in syrup is you will get pure white colour.
Dont add more cooking soda else it will be crumble while frying.