Thandai Masala Powder And Thandai

Thandai, whose other name is sardai, is an Indian milk based cold drink. Apart from milk and sugar, this dish contains almond, cashew, pistachio, fennel, black pepper, poppy seeds and some other things too. It is prepared during maha sivaratri or boli festival. There are variations of this dish too.

The main Ingredient of this cold drink is it's masala. It is available in market in northern part of India. But being in south India getting this masala is bit difficult. And also preparing masala at home is always good. Every year before boli I used to prepare thandai Masala and store for some days. It can be prepared and stored any time of a year.

It is a very healthy drink. It has beautiful health benefits. It enhances energy in body. It is good for digestion and also has cooling effect on body. Thandai also boosts immunity power during season change

photo of Thandai
photo of thandai powder
Almond- 1/4cup
Cashew- 1/4cup
Pistachio- 1/4cup
Melon Seeds- 1/2cup
Saunf (fennel)- 1 1/2tsp
Poppy Seeds- 1 1/2tsp
Black pepper- 2tbsp
Rose Petals- 10 to 15
Saffron- 1/2tsp
Cold Milk- 3/4cup
Sugar/ Honey- 3tbsp
As per the taste
Thandai Masala- 2tbsp
Ice cubes- 5 to 6
Clean all the nuts. In a pan add nuts and dry roast them. Keep aside and lei it cool down.
In the same pan add saunf and dry roast and keep aside with nuts.
Again dry roast poppy seeds and black pepper separately. Keep aside. Let everything cool down completely.
Put everything in the blender jar. Also add rose petals and saffron to it. Make a smooth powder.
Keep this in an air tight container to retain it's flavour.
In a blender jar add milk, sugar, ice cubes and thandai Masala and blend it properly. It will be forthy and creamy.
Pour this in glass and garnish this with rose petals, crushed ice cubes and chopped almond. But I kept it simple with saffron only.
Thandai serves one