Til Diya Maas (fish In Black Sesame Sauce)

Black til or black sesame seeds is an indispensable part of Assamese cuisine.We make til ka laddo, til pitha ,til ka chutney etc and all with black til. I first had it when i visited my maternal grandmother . She used fish egg fritters in black sesame and it was very delicious.Here i tried with rohu fish.It has got a distinct flavor and taste. Serve it with plain steamed rice.

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Manisha Keshab's Secret Indian Recipe !

Preparation Time: 
20 minutes
Cooking Time: 
30 minutes


Rohu fish -4 no in pieces
Onion- 2 , 1 big and 1 small
garlic-10-12 cloves
ginger-1 & 1/2 inches
Black sesame seeds-2 tablespoons
Black Peppercorns-1 Teaspoon
Green chillies-3-4
Bamboo shoots-1 tablespoon (optional)
salt to taste
Turmeric powder-1/4 teaspoon +1/4 teaspoon(for fish and the sauce)
mustard oil for frying.
1 cup hot water
Clean ,wash and dry the fish. rub with salt and turmeric powder. Heat oil in a kadhai. when the oil will be heated enough (not burnt)fry the fish till done.
Roast the black sesame seeds till you get nice fragrance and the peppercorns.Let it cool. Then grind them with one green chilli to a smooth paste.
Grind the small onion ,garlic and ginger to a fine paste.
Grind the bamboo shoots too
Chop the bigger onion to fine pieces
Take the same oil where fishes were fried . When hot enough add the chopped onions . Fry till it starts changing colours.
Then add the ginger garlic onion paste and fry till oil starts separating
Add the bamboo shoots. Fry for 3-4 minutes (optional, you can skip this step)
Add turmeric powder .and fry for some seconds
Add the sesame paste and fry for till oil starts separating.
Add hot water to it. Mix well.
Add salt.
Once it starts boiling add the fish.cover it and let the water reduces to almost 1/4th.
Switch off the gas . Pour a spoon of mustard oil over it. add green chillies to it. Mix it .
Serve hot with rice.
The sesame seeds sauce should actually stick to the fish.
While roasting the sesame seeds use low flame only.
Bamboo shoots are optional.