Two Layer Chocolate Burfi - Milk Chocolate Layered Barfi | झटपट बनाये लेयर्ड बर्फ़ी ‍‍‍|

You can make easily this Two Layer Chocolate Burfi at home. One layer of mawa and another of Chocolate, which gives very delicious taste.मिनटों में बनाएें लेयर्ड बर्फ़ी ‍‍‍
मिनटों में बनाएें बाज़ार जैसी लेयर्ड बर्फ़ी ‍‍‍। Milk chocolate Layered Barfi | Ramadan Special
Two Layer Chocolate Burfi - Milk Chocolate Layered Barfi Recipe
Also known as two layer chocolate burfi, double layer chocolate barfi recipe, milk chocolate barfi recipe, mawa chocolate burfi recipe

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1) MAWA - 2 CUP 2) POWDER SUGAR - 3/4 cup 3) MAWA -1/2 CUP ( For Coco Layer ) 4) POWDER SUGAR -1/)3 cup ( For Coco Layer } 5) GHEE - 2 tbsp 6) VANILLA EXTRACT - 1 tsp 7) COCO POWDER - 2 TBSP
Put a pan on gas with high flame and add ghee. Add mawa and bring down gas to low flame. Roast it for 2 min so that raw flame is eliminated. When ghee stars seperating and mawa colour is changes, add powder sugar and mix them well. Add 1/2 tsp vanilla extracts and mix well. When mixture starts separating from pan then turn of gas. Transfer it into mould with greased butter paper. Spread with bowl at same level. Put a pan gas with medium flame and add ghee & mawa. Roast it for 2 min. Add coco powder, sugar powder and vanilla extracts. Mix them well. When mixture is lump, turn off gas. Transfer it over mawa layer in mould and spread with bowl by tapping .Let it cool down to room temperature. Then take out from mould and put in a plate. Cut border with knife and then cut into rectangle shape.
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