Unnakaya(plantain Snack)

This is a very famous Malabari snack. I love it a lot and i am sure everybody who try unnakaya will keep this recipe close to their heart..

Ripened Plantains- 4 nos
Corn Flour- 3 tblspn
Sugar- 6 tblspn
Grated Coconut- 1 cup
Cashew Nuts and Kismis- 10 nos each
Oil for frying
Cardamaom Powder- 3 nos
Steam cook plantains and mash it nicely
Mix all purpose flour and corn flour and make it in thick consistancy
Mix fried cashewnuts kismis, cardamom powder and sugar along with grated coconut and keep aside
Take little portion of plantain mix in one hand and make a ball by greasing hand with oil
Flaten it to round shape.Take a spoonfull of coconut mix and fill inside the plantain ball
Pack from all sides and make it to an ovel shape
Shallow fry in oil until golden brown and serve hot