Vegetable Sandwich

A healthy cum delicious morning breakfast and School-Office Tiffin, which is easy to cook at the same time.

Bread- 4pcs
Potato- 2pcs
Peas- 100g
Spring Onion+Carrot+ Beans Chopped(veggies)- 1cup
Capsicum- 1no
Salt & Sugar- To taste
Butter- 4tsp
Mayonnaise- 1tsp
Water- to boil
Black pepper- 1/2tsp
Boil the veggies, potato and peas together and smash it uniformly.
Now add black pepper,salt and sugar to the smash mixture and mix properly.
Now take fresh Bread crumbs and cut with a tumbler so that it becomes round in shape.
Now spread the Mayonnaise on the bread followed by the smashed mixture.
Garnish with Capsicum and serve.