Very Easy Sweet Boondi Recipe | बीना झारे की मीठी बूंदी | How To Make Sweet Boondi | Indian Sweet

Easy & Delicious Sweet Boondi Recipe. it is very famous sweet dish and used to make during all festivals like Diwali , Dusera and marriages. Also it is mostly used in Prasads at temple and holy functions. It is very easy to make with my recipe . You can make it with Jara ( Grater with small holes ).and flavored with cardamom .You can learn hear to make sugar syrup which is suitable for Sweet boondi.हलवाई जैसी मीठी बूंदी | बीना झारे की मीठी बूंद

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Beena Yadav's Secret Indian Recipe !


Preparation Time: 
10 min
Cooking Time: 
30 min


INGREDIENTS : 1) Besan - 1 cup 2) Sugar - 1 cup 3) Semolina ( Rava ) - 1 tsp 4) Water - 3/4 cup 5) Food colour - Orange - 1 pinch 6) Cardamom powder ( 4 pieces )
Take besan in a bowl and add rava into it. Add little water and stir it properly to form smooth batter. Ensure there is no lumps in batter Add rest of the water and mix them well. Add pinch of orange colour and mix it properly. Batter is ready. Take a pan and add sugar and half cup of water. Turn on gas to high flame Stir it properly till sugar dissolve completely. Boil it for 2 min and turn off gas. Add pinch of orange colour and cardamom powder and mix them properly. When it is cooled down, check with finger for checking consistency. It should not form any thread but should be sticky just like honey. Making Boondi : Take a pan and add oil. When oil is hot, hold firmly jara ( grater ) over it . Take batter and pour on to holes of grater. No need to spread with spoon. Grater will start falling through holes into oil and form good round shape of boondi. You can hold grater with tong or kitchen towel as it may feel hot if holding with hand. Fry boondi till it becomes crispy. Take out in a plate. Follow same process for rest of batter without washing grater. Add all boondies into sugar syrup and mix them well. Keep it for 4 to 5 hours so that boodies will absorb all sugar syrup. Check and mix them at interval of an hour . Sweet Boondi is ready to serve.
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