Yummy Veggie Wrap- Diet Recipe

This veggie wrap is very healthy, nutritious, and very much stuffing so very good option for people who are dieting or conscious about their food.
Suitable for Jain people too.

1 cup Mixed vegetables (Preferred: Bell peppers, cabbage, corn, peas, lettuce) julienne cut
green chilli as per spice needed
green chutney (available in stores)
Herbs: Basil, Parsley, Chilli Flakes
1tsp Roasted Cumin Powder
1 tsp Lemon Juice
Salt as per taste
Fresh Corriander chopped for garnishing
1tbsp Guacamole (see in recipe section)
tomato ketchup
Olive oil
2 Tortilla Wraps (Home made chapati can be used if Tortilla wraps are not available)
1. Take tortilla wraps and cook them on pan for five minutes. We dont want to cook them much as they are already cooked. In case if you dont have tortilla wraps, we can use our home made chapati as well, we just need it in bigger size (probably 8-9 inch diameter). cook them and keep in a plate. 2. Heat a pan and add olive oil in it. 3. add all vegetables and sau·té them till they become soft 4. Add all the herbs and salt. 5. turn off the flame and let it get lil cool down till it become warm. 6. Now take the tortilla wrap plate and add this veggie mix on it. Keep the mix in middle so that we can close the wrap from both sides. 7. Now garnish it with ketchup, guacamole, lil bit salt, cumin powder. 8. Close the wrap from both sides and place it on pan for cooking another 2-3 mins. Just to make sure that is hot, 9. Serve hot with ketchup, chutney, guacamole.
1. Vegetables can vary as per choice and availability. you can add onion, baby corn, broccoli, red cabbage, beans. 2. Even paneer and cheese can be added. 3. For more spice n taste, add a pinch of Garam masala, it will give superb aroma n flavor. 4. If you are not able to close the wrap properly, use this veggie mix as normal veg and eat with chapati.