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Briju Parthasarathy
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About Me: 
I am Briju, I am a foodie and I like to cook and try new recipes. Its been a journey of trial and error before I could actually learn cooking. Born Gujarati and married to lovely person hailing from Chennai, now living in Nigeria. My passion for cooking has started right from my school days a tender age of 11 and it is one art that is deeply instilled in me. The first recipe which I cooked was Vaghareli Khichdi/ Masala Khichdi and Meth na gota under mom’s supervision… and from there I started cooking and sometimes helping my mother in cooking. as I have done my graduation in home science, I got exposure to various cooking techniques and knowledge about nutritional part too. Whatever I know about cooking, baking and confectionery is thanks to my mom, grandma, training in food science, nutrition & dietetics as well as the cooking classes we would have every week. Also, I like experimenting with foods, herbs, flavours and combination of various cooking techniques. I should mention here that all experiments are not successful had few disasters but don’t you worry guys, I have posted only the successful versions and there are all tried tested and certified as good dishes by my biggest critic my hubby and family friend.