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Stirred by the irresistible culinary traditions of the Valley and under the guidance of her very own Holy Trinity of her Grandmother, Mother & Mother-in-law, Nalini Moti Sadhu developed her passion for Kashmiri cuisine. The Kashmiri Food Festival, hosted by Nalini at Raffles Hotel, Singapore in 2001, is still remembered by those in attendance. Soaked in the memories of her Matamaal (Grandmother’s home) in Kashmir, Nalini started her own venture, imbued with the vision to make Kashmiri Pandit cuisine a member of the elite club of top cuisines on the global palate. Her specialisation in the lesser known Kashmiri Pandit cuisine and her passion to bring the Kashmiri culture and traditions to the world’s notice, coupled with her hospitable nature has helped Matamaal scale new heights. Since its inception, Matamaal has won several accolades in the “Best Regional Cuisine” category, in and around Delhi & the NCR. Matamaal & Nalini’s story has been featured on Travelxp & LivingFoodz