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I am Neeraja alias Neeru ,author and food stylist of I am an IT professional for the last 15+ years and currently residing Singapore. I have recently taken a break from mid of June 2016 to pursue my passion. Cooking and food styling is my passion & my stress buster. I am also interested towards exploring vegetarian traditional & fusion cooking from all cuisines.Hence I decided to go one step further to explore and document my passion from 2016. Since I stay in Singapore it becomes easy for me to explore many Asian recipes from Indonesia, Thai, Malaysian, Philipino and Chinese Kitchen in a traditional way with the help of my friends. I shall be publishing recipes from other cuisines as well.  I have a huge collections of props and antiques for my photographs and have set up a mini studio at my home in Singapore. I use both natural light & artificial lights for my photos. If you are interested for any food styling or food photography projects in Singapore or Chennai do contact me through my email Photography can be done onsite or at my home studio if the products are dispatched to my studio. Availability in Chennai - June & December every year plus Adhoc visits Availability in Singapore - Rest of the year. You can reach me through Facebook by liking my page or Follow me on Google Plus , Twitter, Instagram. Keep visiting nee's kitchen   -Neeraja