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Hi friends, Myself Clinical Consultant Dietician Neetha Dilip. Cooking is my passion,craziness, madness is what I can all say. I do traditional, conventional, unconventional, healthy, therapeutic, regional, continental, multicuisines too. The nutritionist in me evolved out of my love for cooking, my personal quest to eat more mindfully (i.e., in a way that nourishes my body, mind and heart), and my longstanding dedication to advocating for more sustainable and just food systems. It naturally reflects my role as a passionate cook. Reading (Science, Philosophy and Psychology), listening to Music, Travelling, Electronics and Computing, watching NDTV good times, and Travel and Living and all cookery and life style management programmes. I update myself with new things, research articles, surf net, refer new books regarding my branch of science and share and discuss my knowledge with people who really need. Like to participate in workshops, seminars, meetings, forums, and group discussions, cookery shows; etc. I would like to hone my skills in hospitals, clinics, organizations, and accomplish good management practice. To develop good inter-personal relationship and people empowering skills. Planning for On-Air Programme, Food columns, articles in Print Media regarding diet, therapeutic cooking, health and nutrition, beauty management etc., and also TV programs. To conduct Nutrition and Wellness Programs at Corporate organizations, colleges, schools, Govt. organizations, play-schools Communities, societies etc. Tribal and agency areas. Therapeutic cooking Product Development Entrepreneurship I work as a Nutritionist/clinical dietician Food consultant Food columnist Food blogger Therapeutic product developer Nutrition awareness speaker Food writer Food healer Corporate nutrition speaker Cookery expert Conducting Nutrition Awareness Programs to patients, general public, clearing their doubts relating to diet, food fads, and myths regarding food and nutrition. Have been associated with Herbalife for more than 4 years. Won a cookery competition on New Year day this year for the best recipe, therapeutic properties, plating, appearance, where I prepared “Crispy Corn Delights Dipped in Dark Chocolate”. Recently conducted Nutrition Awareness Programme for employees at Symbiosys Technologies, IT Park and at their city office also. Chief consultant dietician at LV Prasad Eye Institute, Vizag, for 3 years. Recently have been conducting nutrition awareness programmes at corporates, organisations, schools, etc. Currently started a first of its kind nutri-diet clinic at Visakhapatnam city. Ownership/consultant clinical therapeutic dietician at One Health My Nutri-Diet Clinic, Visakhapatnam. Providing nutritious snacks, other healing foods on order to clientel.