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I am an architect and planner by profession. After crossing 34 and becoming mom of two kids, It was a challenge to balance the office and home together.I realized the problem of weight gain too during this period. It was difficult to take time out for exercising as most of the time I have to work in front of laptop or computer. I was actually worried about my health. As it was a recovery time after child birth there were not much options for diet. At the same time my husband had also gained weight because of lifestyle. After my younger daughter completed 8 months , she started eating food, her dependency on breast-milk was reduced. I had started cutting down carbohydrates and fats from our lunch. But plain salads were a boring option. Hence I started experimenting with the healthy ingredients and making interesting salads. We are having these salads as our office lunch and doing only 15 minutes walk in morning and evening. We have heavy breakfast and light dinner like dalia or khichadi or daal rice. Once in a while we don't mind having heavy meal at a party with our friends. Only in two months we lost about 3-4 kg weight and are very happy with our health. Hope in this year we again come back to our shape that we had before our wedding.... These preparations are very easy. Only I have to do some extra little efforts on the weekends and little additions to my grocery list. I have added whole grains variety like moong, chana, matki, lobia, udad, peanuts etc. in monthly grocery list. On weekends I soak the 1/2-1/2 bowls of (3-4 types) whole grains and on Sunday night I put them for sprouting, and refrigerate the same since Monday morning. Sprouts are major ingredients for my salads. While shopping for vegetables, I include carrots, cucumber, ginger, onion leaf, methi, mint, coriander, green chilies, raw mango and lemons etc. to my list. Read my recipes, try and then give your feed back. Wish you good health and happy life.