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I would like to share my passion for Indian food. I love cooking, and taking pictures of my dishes. And I love talking about recipes. My close friends know well that I can talk about food for a long time! Cooking is fun because it's a creative experience. I like to search, explore and experiment new recipes all the time. And it is very relaxing: while listening to some nice music, the whole big kitchen to myself, just me and lots of ingredients to work with... Well this is the way I like to imagine my cooking experiences. Even with a busy life, as all of us have, I like to find the time to prepare a homemade dinner for my family, because sharing a meal with my loved ones is an Indian tradition that I find very important. There is nothing as special as ending your day with your family or friends sharing a good conversation and a tasty homemade meal. Cooking Indian recipes can be easy, quick and fun. A lot of the recipes that I write are simple and fast to prepare, with step-by-step pictures and directions. I hope I can inspire and convince, at least some of you, that with not much time, some love and a good appetite you too can prepare amazing dishes.