It is known as Charoli or Chiroji. these are seeds of  chiroji plant used as a cooking spice primarily in India. Charoli are tiny almond-flavoured dried seeds which is cultivated across India, primarily in the northwest. After the hard shell is cracked, the stubby seed within is as soft as a pine nut.

They have a slightly nutty aroma and a pronounced taste that is between nutty and musky.

Charoli – Names in different Indian Languages.

Hindi–   Chironjii, Bengal –    Chironji, Gujrati –   Chironji, Punjabi –     Chironji

Tamil -   Saara parrupu,  Urdu –    Chironji

Nutritional  Information

Like almonds chirongi nuts have been credited with the power to sharpen concentration improve eyesight and provide strength and vigor

Culinary uses

They are commonly used in sweets in India. Used primarily as a topping for sweets, they go especially well with sweet and creamy halwas (Indian puddings). They are also a must on top of a delightful dessert called shrikhand which is a tantalising combination of yoghurt, sugar, cardamom and saffron.  They are one of the ingredients of the stuffing for ‘’ Gujiya’’ , the traditional  Indian sweet made during ‘’ Holi’.They can also be used to sprinkle fruit salads, soups and kormas.

they are sometimes ground into powders for thickening savory sauces and flavoring batters and stewed into rich, meaty kormas.


They keep well for upto 6 months in dry air tight containers.


If they are kept open they lose their flavor and become bitter. It is advisable to roast them slightly to keep them for longer period of time.