Tragacanth as known in India Katira Goond  is a natural gum obtained from  "locoweed". Gum tragacanth is a viscous, odorless, tasteless, water-soluble mixture of polysaccharides obtained from sap which is drained from the root of the plant and dried. The gum seeps from the plant in twisted ribbons or flakes which can be powdered. It absorbs water to become a gel, which can be stirred into a paste.

Tragacanth– Names in different Indian Languages.

Hindi–  Goond , Bengal – Goond

Nutritional Information

The alkaloid it contains has historically been used as an herbal remedy for such conditions as cough and diarrhea. As a mucilage or paste, it has been used as a topical treatment for burns. It is used in pharmaceuticals and foods as an emulsifier, thickener, stabilizer

Culinery uses

In India Katira Good is used particulary in Sweets as binding Factor. Indian sweets like ‘’Goond ka Ladoo ‘’ or ‘’  Mewa Ladoo is unthinkable without this ingreidient. It acts as a binding product as well as give the crunchy taste in the sweet.It is generally found in chunks which are either dry roasted and mixed with Cashew, Almonds and other dry fruits to make the sweet. Goond is also used to make a paste used in floral sugarcraft to create life-like flowers on wires used as decorations for cakes.


It can be stored in airtight containers for a year.


Due to its stickiness it requires an expert hand.