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As a child, I played ‘Bhatukli’, a game played by all girls at the age of 5-9 yrs, where we had small pans, spoons, glass and yes a stove. Ours was a big family, we were seven sisters, 2 brothers, 2 cousins, Mom, Dad and few guests were always there. Being a G. S. B, our food is never complete without coconut grinding. My 5 elder sister would do this. When 4 of them got married, sister elder to me was unwell, fortunately it was a Thursday which was a holiday for my school. I agreed to do the grinding. Mother was reluctant but I assured her of not doing any mess. Mother was convinced and that was my first experience of cooking. Then there was no looking back. I was in 5th standard and I was not interested in studies. I loved arts and craft and drawing. I remember we had two Parsi teachers and how my drawings and crafts would find a place on the walls of the art and craft room. I got married at the age of 20. By that time I was expert in cooking, knitting, stiching…all due to my mother. I also tried my hand in bridal make up, hairstyling and saree drapping. After marriage I w, bakingas fortunate to have very good neighbours. They loved my cooking and baking. The first cake I baked was in sand oven. After 5-6 months I got a round oven, which I still use for baking. Soon I started participating in competitions and won many prizes from Vanita samaj, Maratha mandir, Cadbury, Nestle. I gave demonstration of making a pizza….base, sauce and topping some 35 yrs ago. Was I learned making pearl jewelry, batik, glass painting, madhubani and flower making from different ingredients. At the age of 65 I walked the ramp and won the first prize for best looks. All this I could achieve in life was because of God’s love and my determination to grab the opportunities that came my way. My Family supported me a lot. I believe in improving day by day My age has never restricted me from being open to new ideas. Now my children and grandsons, son in law and daughter in laws help me to discover the virtual world through internet. It has helped me to evolve me as an individual and my work and business. I take this opportunity to thank Almighty for all he has showered on me. Today Secret Indian recipe has given me this opportunity to become part of R home secret homechefs fleet…. A big platform to showcase my culinary skiils. Thanks to the Almighty once again for giving me strength to take each phase of my life with good gesture.