Thabdi /kathiawadi Peda

Thabdi peda is a traditional Gujarati sweet that is prepared from solidified milk and has a very soft texture. This exotic sweet is made during all festivals but why wait for a festival to make such a yummy dessert. To get the perfect color, caramelized sugar is added to the reduced milk which changes the taste and color of this sweet completely.

Full cream milk -1 ltr
Alum/Fitkari -2pinch
Sugar -1/2 cup
Cardamom powder -1tbsp
Clarified butter/Ghee -1tbsp
Chopped nuts for garnish
1- Dilute the alum/fitkari in 1 tbsp water and keep it aside. 2- Boil the milk on medium to high flame. When it is half in quantity, gradually add the alum water in hot milk and keep stirring. 3- Add alum water until the milk starts splitting. When you see chena grains in milk, stop adding alum water. 4- Reduce the milk on medium flame. Keep stirring and reduce the milk to half. 5- In another pan spread sugar, let it heat on medium flame. When the sugar starts melting, reduce the flame, and let it caramelize. Slightly rotate the pan for even caramelization. 6- Add the caramel sugar to milk and mix it well. Let it reduce. 7- Add cardamom powder and ghee. Cook till it thickens. 8- Peda mix is ready. Remove from flame and let it cool down. 9- Grease your palms and make pedas, garnish with chopped nuts, and it's ready to eat.
You can even use lemon juice diluted in water, in place of alum :)