Jhatpat Chicken ( Quick Chicken Curry)

Quickest chicken curry to be made.

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250 grams Chicken
1 tablespoon Tomato puree
1 big Onion. to be sliced vertically
1 Bay leaf
1 tea spoon Red chilly powder
Salt to taste
1 tea spoon Turmeric powder
2 table spoon fresh Cream
1 tea spoon Garam masala powder
2 green Cardamom
1 tablespoon oil
Heat the oil in the cooker.
Add bay leaf and crushed green cardemom.
Now add onion slices and saute it for 2 min.
Now add tomato puree and give a stirr.
Add salt, turmeric powder, chilly powder and cook it till oil separates.
Add chicken pieces and garam masala. Mix well.
After 5 min add cream to it with a 1 table spoon of water, if it is required.
Stirr it for 5 mintues.
Cover the lid of the cooker and let it cook on slow flame for 10-12 min or for 4 whistles.
After 12 min remove the cooker from the flame and let the pressure goes out automatically for say more 5-7 min.
Serve it with green chopped coriander leaves and crushed fenugreen leaves(kasuri methi)