Nawabi Firni

Firni is generally a Royal Muslim dish prepared during their festivals. My mom learnt this dish from her friend and I am sharing her recipe today with you all.

photo of nawabi firni
Govinda bhog Rice powdered- 1/2 cup
Sooji- 5tsp
Sugar- 100g
Keora water- 2tsp
Dry fruits
Milk- 500ml
Boil the milk till it is reduced to half.
Simultaneously take a bowl and add rice powder, sooji and some milk to make a light paste.
Once the boiling milk is reduced to half, add the paste to the milk slowly and stir continuously to avoid lump formation. Add the and let it dissolve. Keep the flame low or else it may burn from below. Cook for another 10 mintues.
When the mixture becomes thick, add dry fruits and switch off the gas.
Now add little keora water and cool it in refrigerator and serve cool.