Chikoo/chikku Milk Shake

Chikoo/chikku Milkshake is made from tropical fruit chikoo or chikku (sapodilla or sapota). Chikoo Milkshake (Chikku Milkshake) is very healthy and refreshing drink in summer days.

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Ripe Chikoo/chikku/sapodillaorsapota-4 to 5
chilled milk -1 and 1/2 glasses
Sugar-2 tbsp or as per taste
1. Peel the skin and discard the seeds of chikoo or chikku (sapodilla or sapota). Chop them roughly.
2. Blend the chopped chikoo or chikku (sapodilla or sapota) with a little milk and sugar.
3. Now add the rest of the milk and blend everything together to paste smooth chikoo milkshake.Serve the chikoo milkshake chilledwith some ice cubes on it.
1.while serving can add icecream on top of the milk shake.