Beetroot Vermicili Barfi

I love this recipe because we can eat this at anytime..and it is healthy and is my inovative recipe #

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Chaxusha vatsal vora's Secret Indian Recipe !

Preparation Time: 
1 hr
Cooking Time: 
20 minutes plus 1 hr refrigeration

Beetroot 300gm
Vermicili 100gm
Milk 200 ml
Coconut powder 50gm
Ghee 3tsp
Sugar 100 gm
Dry fruit powder 4 tsp
Ilaychi powder 2tsp
Cashew nuts for garnishing
First of all pressure cook the beetroot and grate it
Take one pan and add ghee and roast the vermicili till the colour changes to brown
Now add grated beetroot,milk,sugar,ilaychi powder,coconut powder and dry fruit powder into the pan in which we roast vermicili and mix properly
Mix well till the mixture gets thick
Now cool down the mixture and spread it in a dish and set it for 1 hour into refrigerator
After 1 hour take it out and cut them into pieces and garnish with cashew nuts