Holi Ki Rangbirangi Thali

This recipe is a complete Indian festive mood meal. Wholesome, and tasty while being nutritious and heathly. Tried to creat it with my own imagination and logic.

photo of holi thali
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Garima Gupta's Secret Indian Recipe !

Preparation Time: 
15 mins
Cooking Time: 
60 mins


Potatoes – 4(medium sized)
aata, chawal, kheera, dahi, tamatar, palak, beetroot, jeera, cardamoms, gajar, matar, green chillies, kaddo
holi thali- 1) puri recipe- take 300 gms atta... divide into three parts...make dough of one part adding water, second part by adding palak puree and third part by adding beetroot puree... then take small parts from all three , join and make purees and fry in ghee.... 2) Tirangi pulao- fry jeera and green cardamoms in ghee, add gajar, matar and fry, add haldi and green chillies, fry and add soaked rice, add salt and water and pressure cook for 10 minutes... 3) Aloo tamatar matar sabzi- In a pan add jeera, add haldi mirchi and dhania powders and a little hing and fry...add aalo, and matar and fry, add tamatar and salt and a bit of sugar and fry . add a little water and cook till potatoes are tender... 4) Kheera raita - grate kheera and add in whisked dahi, add sugar, salt, jeera powder, kala namak to taste and 2 spoons peanut powder.... 5) Khatta mettha kaddo bharta in a pan, heat iol and add jeera, add big peices of kaddoo and haldi and lal mirch powder... add water and cool till tender. add amchur powder, sugar, and saunf powder and cook till oil seperates. 6) salad.. cut onion and tomato in long stripes and add salt and lemon juice