Raw Mango Murabba Candy Trinangles

Mangoes are seasonal,so we preserve them in many ways to enjoy them in all seasons. mango murabba candy trinangles is such type of recipe.Pureed raw mango is cooked with sugar and saffron.Dried mango mixture is given trinangles shape,coated with powdered sugar and preserved.Every one likes Raw mango murabba candy trinangles.

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Suman Prakash's Secret Indian Recipe !


Preparation Time: 
10 minutes
Cooking Time: 
20 minutes


1 ½ cup raw mango puree,
500gms sugar,
1/2tsp green cardamom powder,
1/2tsp strands of saffron,
powdered sugar as required ,
saffron strands to decorate
Transfer raw mango puree in a pan with sugar and saffron and cook till it is thick and completely dry.
Add green cardamom powder.
Cool and Spread on greased tray .
when completely dry, cut into triangle shape and Coat the with powdered sugar .
Decorate with saffron strands.
preserved Raw mango murabba candy trinangles can be served in parties .You can make mango sauce,drinks and salad dressings with them by adding water and cooking them ,when mangoes are not in season.They should be completely dry, when preserving.