Rice Roti

Rice Roti is called as Akki Roti in Kannada is prepared in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka states. This is served during breakfast or as light dinner. It is simple to prepare and can be prepared in a short time.

Rice Roti
• Rice Flour – 2cups
• Water – 1 ½ cup
• Jeera – 2 teaspoon
• Salt
• Vegetable oil for roasting
• Add salt to water and boil
• In a bowl mix jeera and rice flour. Add hot water as required and make dough similar to chapatti dough.
• Make medium size dough balls for further processing
• Grease polythene sheet with oil. Place the dough ball and press it with hand and form thick Chapatti shape.
• On a hot tawa place the rice roti and fry it on both sides with oil in medium flame.
• Instead of forming thick chapatti on polythene sheet, you can form on a greased tawa and then roast on both sides with oil in medium flame.
Serve hot rice roti with Methi pappu or Ridge guard dhall ( Pindimiriyam)