How To Make Chat Masala Recipe With Secret Ingredient / Homemade Chat Masala Recipe.

Chaat masala is nothing but a smart combination of everyday spices like cumin seeds, black pepper, mango powder, black salt and so on. These ingredients give this masala a very strong aroma which gauges everyone to the dish it used in.
Even though this chat masala is easily available in the market, the home made one tastes far better and different. This zingy and tangy chaat masala is just beyond the perfect seasoning! So, here I am showing in video simple and great authentic recipe of making chaat masala at your home today. I am sure you’ll make a perfect masala. Enjoy!

Cumin seeds – 100 grams Asafetida – 3 to 4 pinch Whole Coriander – 100 grams Black pepper – 50 grams Red chili – 10 grams Tatri – 15 grams Plain salt – 200 grams Black Salt – 200 grams
Clean coriander seeds, so that no dirt is left. Also, clean black peppercorns. Remove the stalk from dry red chilies. Let’s start with roasting the cumin seeds and coriander seeds first in a pan or wok until they get little brown in color. Then add black peppercorns and dry red chilies in the same wok and dry roast until fragrant. Transfer all the roasted spices in a big bowl. Let everything cool down completely. Now, place all the ingredients, followed by salt and asafoetida in a mixture jar and grind them finely. Strain the powder through sieve. Now grind the granules left in the sieve along with black salt and mango powder. Sieve the ground powder again. Mix everything really well. Transfer it to a plate. Chaat masala is ready. Sprinkle this tangy-zingy chaat masala over any dish like salads, soaked chickpeas, sweet corn and so on and relish their snazzy flavor. Store it in an airtight container and use it for up to 6 months.